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      Participate in China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2008
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      From May 28, 2008 to 30, the Pioneer Metals Corporation participated in the fourth China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, which was held at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pazhou complex.

      The exhibition brings together the 24 countries in the world of the more than 300 exhibitors, the main products include machinery and equipment exhibition and application of primary aluminum, aluminum and aluminum products and semi-finished products processing, smelting, recycling of used in construction, transportation, packaging, electronics, machinery manufacturing and other fields with special products.

      Our aluminum industry has attracted the majority of customers, especially the 7075 seamless pipe and all kinds of special aluminum industry, the exhibition in our company to show new products and launch new products information, stimulate the target consumers and potential consumers desire to establish a corporate image, establish brand awareness, establish lateral ties in the same industry.

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