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      We warmly celebrate the success of our cooperation with the national military factory
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      Warmly celebrate the success of our cooperation with the sixtieth Research Institute (national military factory) of the Chinese people;s Liberation Army staff!

      Thanks to the National Trust Pioneer Metals Corporation accounted for the United States military factory in Nanhai District of Foshan City, through the investigation of our national military factory, we have successfully signed the contract products, including a variety of seamless pipe, the national military factory spoke highly of the cooperation.

      Our (Nanhai District of Foshan city accounted for the United States Pioneer Metals Corporation) was founded in 1982, is an international technology development to the professional production of various international green copper aluminum enterprises, has a number of R & D center and around the shop, has been adhering to the;implementation of advanced management system of scientific and technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection; management concept, perfect production system and strict quality assurance, which accounted for the United States company to move the development and have made certain achievements.

      Has become a number of well-known international brand manufacturers at home and abroad to provide services, and truly realized the "full world, customers, reputation, welcome eight parties" purposes.

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